Online Business Directories

The CIDC Online Business Directory lets you easily get in touch and do business with any member of the Clovis Industrial Development Corporation. When you contact the business, make sure you tell them you found them on the CIDC web site.

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Economic Development Based Companies in Clovis
and Curry County

(Partial list of manufacturers)

  • Honetreat Company – Pipe Manufacturing and Honing
  • Cummins – Natural Gas Engine Production
  • Southwest Cheese – Cheese Production
  • Mesa Ingredients – Animal Feed Production
  • WestWhey – Animal Feed Production
  • Alltech – Animal Feed Production
  • Clean Funnel – Plastic Manufacturing
  • Clovis Bottlers – Bottled Water Manufacturing
  • Aqua Ranch – Organic fish, herbs and vegetable production
  • Jayfisher.com – Custom knife Manufacturing
  • Inject-O-Meter – Product Manufacturing
  • Leslie Gibbs Candy Company – Candy Manufacturing
  • FabSteel – Structural Steel Manufacturing
  • Murk Brush Company – Industrial Brush Manufacturing
  • Clovis Bio-Diesel – Renewable Energy Production
  • SEI Call Center – In Bound Call Center
  • American Medical Alert Corporation – In Bound Call Center
  • World Dairy Transport – Dairy Transport
  • Indian River Transport – Dairy Transport
  • Reynolds Trucking – Dairy Transport
  • Frametek – Metal Truss and Frame Manufacturer

Online Social Services Directory

The Eastern New Mexico United Way and the Chamber of Commerce have teamed up to provide you with an Online Social Services Directory. This directory will connect you to the all inclusive resource directory of civic and social resources in Clovis and Curry County.  When contacting the organization, make sure and mention you found them on the CIDC web site.


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