Community Information

City of Clovis

It is the mission of Clovis city government to provide quality municipal services in the best, most effective and most economical manner; to operate in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration with all people and in every endeavor; to expect every employee of the City to perform to the highest of their capacity and to provide appropriate rewards for their performance; to provide leadership and resources in a community-based program of economic development; and to consider every issue on the basis that Clovis is a "Community for Family." Additional information about the City of Clovis is available on their website www.cityofclovis.org.

Curry County

Curry County was established in 1909 and was named after George Curry, Territorial Governor of New Mexico (1907-1910). Curry County was created from parts of Quay and Roosevelt Counties. It lies on the far Eastern side of the Sate and is adjacent to the State of Texas. Curry county is 1405.9 square mile, making it one of the smallest counties in New Mexico. The County Seat is Clovis, New Mexico. Cities located in Curry County are Clovis, Melrose, Texico, Grady, and Cannon Air Force Base. The approximate population for the county is 43,000. www.currycounty.org.

Clovis Portales Microplex

Clovis/Curry County Chamber of Commerce

The Chamber is a vital part of the community. The Chamber offers businesses the opportunity to network with other business owners and professionals. Chamber members also sponsor various events throughout the year. Visit their new website at www.clovisnm.org

Clovis/Portales Microplex

One reason business continues to boom in Clovis is the 2003 designation of the Clovis-Portales area as a Microplex by the U.S Census Bureau.  The two cities, located 20 miles apart, are now listed together with a customer base of over 50,000.  The area is considered a shopping hub with a 60-mile shopping radius and a population of approximately 120,000.