Clovis Industrial Park with Rail Spur

The City of Clovis Industrial Park is a 240 acre sub-division located in a prime industrial business zone.  The park is currently sub-divided into 25 lots. The lot sizes range from 5 acres to 20-acre shovel ready industrial sites with the option of combining lots to serve a tenants needs.

Most lots can access the railroad spur serving the industrial park.   The Industrial park is conveniently located 1.5 miles from the Burlington, Northern, Santa Fe Railroad’s (BNSF) Clovis’ main rail yard which interconnects to the main east-west lines which begins in Los Angeles and interconnects to all points east.

Property prices are negotiable based on the number of full-time permanent jobs that a company will create in Clovis/Curry County.

Address: Enterprise Drive, Clovis NM 88101

Listing Agent/Owner Name: Clovis Industrial Development Corporation

Contact Person Name: Gene or Chase

Contact Person Number: 575-763-6600

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